Overview of our Boom Form fields.

Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 12:57 PM

While building forms, the most important thing is field managing as they are going to shape the skeleton of your form. Our app suggests you almost any field you may need. 
In the Settings find the Fields section and dive in a huge selection. In this article, we will take a quick look at most of them.

Name field:
The first one is, of course, the Name Field. Fill up first and last names. Additionally, you can show the Middle name subfield.

Address field:
In the Address field just basically let your users complete their address with predefined fields. Also, remember that you may hide any of these fields, anytime you want.


Phone field to capture the numbers.

Allow your users to add their email addresses and even enable them to get Confirmation messages after submission.

Single line text:
This short text field allows users to enter any characters. Use this for collecting single line answers from your users.

Paragraph Text:
Add Paragraph text, so your users can write comments, suggestions, supplementary ideas, etc.

Set a Dropdown menu and let them select the required category.

Add map field to your form so they can navigate through the map and also view the map in the satellite mode. You can also adjust the zoom level.

Put a Checkbox and your users can choose multiple choices of your suggested options.

Single Choice:
Add a Single choice field to enable selecting only a single variant.

With our app, you can afford yourself to have an Electronic Signature(E-signature) on your form. Due to it, trading in and closing deals with customers online will be a piece of cake, as there will be no need of arranging a meeting for this purpose only. Customers can sign and clear the signature if something's gone wrong.

Upload your file
Transmit multiple files due to our Upload file field.

Users can fill in their website.

A simple way to collect dates.

Users may fill out time in hours and minutes.

Scale rating:

Used for ratings based on a scale. Get feedback on your products/services from form users.

Useful to get ratings in several shapes like stars and circles).

Terms and Conditions:
Add your TOS to the form.

Please note
Each field can be arranged in a way to meet your requirements. In the Manage Fields section find the field you want to adjust, click onand edit its size, placeholder text, etc. You can also duplicate or delete fields.

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