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Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 01:11 PM

In order to make your forms look more advanced and professional, we created the Add-ons store. Here you'll find all the tools to improve your form appearance. We suggest 16 add-ons, each having a specific function. In this article, you'll find the descriptions of each of them.

After Submission:

Through the After Submission add-on after submitting the form, users will get a default "Thank you" message, will be redirected to a particular page or website.

The Logic add-on is for setting fixed conditions on the fields and choosing them to be shown or hidden based on users' selections and answers. Thus, you create complex and advanced rules that affect the behavior of your smart form.

Confirmation Email:

By enabling the Confirmation E-mail add-on, you can automatically send a confirmation message to a submitter right after they hit the "Submit" button. Confirmation emails are important because they confirm that a customer's submission was successful. There are Shortcodes available that stand for the actual submission data and are very useful if you want to make your custom HTML template.

Notification Email:

The Notification Email add-on allows to specify the sender name and email used in notifications, to customize a relevant message subject, and establish reference IDs for form identification. You can as well fully customize the notification email you receive after each submission. You can adjust the Subject, Form Name, Reply-To, and Message text parameters to make your email look more professional. You can set to receive an email from the user's name and reply directly to the user's email. This add-on can help you keep the right track of the submitted data. For example, if you want to identify each order/submission you can just set the ID shortcode in the Subject line of your email.


MailChimp is one of the best tools to benefit your business. It is more than essential to have this add-on on your form, cause it helps to create email campaigns to reach your audience and turn visitors into real customers. Through this, you will be able to keep your users posted on your latest updates, offer promotions or send them your ads.

Custom Js & CSS:

By using Custom Js & CSS add-on you can make your form even more functional. It allows you to add additional features to your form that our app doesn't support at the moment. All you need is some basic coding skills for applying the right code in the settings. Still, if you don't have enough coding skills, you can get our dev team's full support! This is also perfect for integrating your form with other 3rd party services.

Save Progress:

The Save Progress feature saves the filled-out forms for each unique user. This is the best solution for preventing your users from starting the incompleted forms from the beginning. It saves the progress of their forms and they can continue the process when they will become available again.


The Print add-on allows your users to print the completed form. Also, you have permission to print the blank form or save it as a PDF file, you can send it to your users to fill in whenever you want.

Submission Limit:

The Submission Limit add-on allows limiting the form entries by number, location, or IP address. Also, you can set a specific date and time when your form submission should be closed.

Google Sheets:
After integrating your Boom Form with Google Sheets, the received submissions will be instantly pushed to the selected Google Sheet.

Wix Collections:

You can integrate your form with Wix Collections and store the form entries in your Wix database. This is a great way of managing your website data in one place.

Single Field:

The Single Field add-on is for simplifying your long forms. By using this add-on, you can create a better user experience and manage the space on your site.


The Pagination feature allows dividing your long form into several pages, which will provide a user-friendly experience for your customer.

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